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Veridia is a densely populated planet 76 million miles from its central star. With an equatorial radius of 5945 miles, the planet surface is 65% covered with water. It features 8 large continents and a vast archipelago of islands that pepper the ocean of its northern hemisphere.


Although each region retains its unique cultural identity and dialect, one language has spread across the globe, which greatly contributed to the Unification. Geopolitically, Veridia is governed by a world council whose seat is in Capital City. Ostensibly a republic, ultimate power rests in the hands of the Council Leader. With the help of the UNI Guard, the Council has governed the planet without major armed conflict for 300 years. This period of peace has brought an unprecedented Golden Age of technology, medicine, and education for the vast majority of its 14 billion inhabitants.


But the age of plenty has come at a high price. Centuries of unbridled consumption has stripped the resources of the planet. Topsoil eroded away, rich mineral deposits mined out, and teeming forests reduced to brush, the planetary prognosis is bleak: Vast expanses of wasteland, barely breathable air, and dwindling caches of clean water spell out impending disaster.  When the carefully engineered infrastructure starts to fail, there will be no resources from which to rebuild.